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Top 5 Reasons For Having Quality Blog Post


High Quality Blog Post Is a MUST!


Years ago, bloggers can attract a ton of visitors with every blog post if they knew how to squeeze in certain keywords that search engines like Google could easily detect. It came to a point where bloggers relied on stuffing keywords into multiple blog posts to game search engine bots and get ahead of the competition. But this practice came to a halt once updates to search engines gave more weight to posts with quality over keyword-heavy quantity.

Today, bloggers know better. They understand the importance of a quality blog post, not just for search engine optimization (SEO), but also to attract and keep visitors hooked. If you’re new to blogging, the quality of every blog post you publish should be the top of your priority.

Writing quality blog posts is important because:

  • Quality Equals Authority – Being an authority in your chosen topic or niche is easy if you provide useful information to your readers. When writing a blog post, always ask yourself if its content could bring value to your audience. If you keep this in mind, your readers will eventually see you as an authority in your field.
  • Proofreading Saves Credibility – You may have a well-written blog post with tons of information, but as long as typographical errors, false data, grammatical mistakes, or any other errors are included in your post, your credibility goes on the line. You don’t have to hire a proofreader to check on every blog post you publish, but reading your work once or twice after writing would significantly reduce errors.
  • Writing Skills of Bloggers Vary – If you have the best idea you want to share, but your words just don’t reflect how amazing that idea is, your readers will know this. When this is the case, your writing skills might be the culprit of your low-quality blog post. Not everyone is born to write well, but like any skill, it can be learned through practice. Be honest with yourself and gauge your writing capabilities before you publish your first blog post. Do the ideas flow well? Are there enough information? Is it interesting? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, seek out writers’ resources like CopyBlogger.com, practice what you learned.
  • It Capture Readers’ Attention with Your Words – When you publish a blog post with relevant, useful, error-free and interesting information, capturing your readers’ attention would come naturally. You don’t even have to use flowery words, or super technical terms to get people hooked to what you’re about to “say.” Of course, it could also benefit you to know your target market (and what they need/want).
  • Planning Separates the Pros from Beginners – Keep a pad or document where you can store all ideas as they pop up and plan your blog posts accordingly. If you’re still practicing how to write with perfect flow, sketch an outline (that may include an introduction, bullet points, closing remark, and more) when writing a post.

When your blog has quality posts, not only will you keep your readers on your blog/website, you will also become an authority people would listen to for recommendations, attract leaders that could become valuable resources in the future, and easily grow your list of newsletter subscribers to use for other opportunities.

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