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Beginners Guide to Google AdSense


Beginners Guide to Google AdSense


Anytime bloggers decide to monetize their blog, AdSense is the first advertising program that attracts them to begin their journey of passive income… and for good reason. AdSense is Google’s pay-per-click ad program, where approved bloggers can earn 0.1 cents to $15 whenever their readers click an ad posted on their blog.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the millions of AdSense publishers around the world and earn real cash from your blogging, here are 5 things you should know:

  1. Take the application process seriously. When AdSense opened its doors to publishers in 2003, publishers only needed a blogger.com blog with a couple of published posts to be accepted into the AdSense program. These days, Google isn’t that lax when it comes to AdSense approval, which is why you need to work on your blog before submitting an application.

If you haven’t started blogging, forget about writing adult content, hacking tips, or anything about illegal drugs, pirated content, cigarettes, and guns – all of which are not accepted by AdSense. Once you’ve chosen a topic, write as many high-quality blog posts as you can in a language supported by AdSense and ensure your blog’s design is clean and reader-friendly.

  1. Follow AdSense rules. Google AdSense’s terms and conditions are altered regularly, so it is important to be updated with changes. These rules also vary according to the country where your billing address is located, so a US-based publisher could follow a different set of AdSense rules from someone in India.

However, there are general program policies that every AdSense publisher must follow. For example, manipulating or encouraging clicking of ads are big no-nos. Improper ad placement, which tricks readers into accidentally clicking ads, is also prohibited.

  1. Experiment on ad placement and blog post ideas. Once your AdSense has been activated, it’s important that you give your current design and ad placement time as they are to see if this set-up would produce favorable AdSense earnings. If you feel that a couple of cents earned during your first month isn’t worth it, understand that every AdSense publisher begins at this level.

Realistically, AdSense earnings should gradually increase each month, especially if you continue to publish blog posts regularly. If it doesn’t, start experimenting various ad placements and sizes. You can also research topics related to your niche with higher cost-per-click values.

  1. Stick to the tried-and-tested secret to AdSense success. The key to a successful AdSense-earning blog is to produce high-quality content from start to finish. Your readers should be your priority, so provide them with useful and relevant information every time you publish a post. Top-notch information results to more readers, which in turn, could garner your blog more AdSense ad clicks and earnings.
  1. Study AdSense metrics. Google gives AdSense publishers a comprehensive control panel to monitor and understand your earnings. Use it well, study all data provided, and adjust your blogging techniques based on these metrics.

There are millions of resources about AdSense and earning money through blogging. But if you follow the AdSense tips above religiously and dedicate time to master AdSense, you’re on the right track in monetizing your blog and create a life-changing passive income.

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